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Risk Of Improper Cleaning Before Reusing Spray Bottle

Jul. 08, 2021

Risk Of Improper Cleaning Before Reusing Spray Bottle

Spray bottles are great because they are more than just a container. They are also a good tool for mixing liquid products. You can use them to apply chemical or organic cleaners, perfumes, colognes, air fresheners, hair sprays, pepper sprays, and even salad dressings.

However, the spray bottle also has a rather complicated structure. This is mainly due to their dispensers or nozzles. Due to this component, the spray bottle may be a more challenging kind of bottle to clean and reuse.

Unlike other jars and bottles with simpler caps, typical dishwashing methods may not be enough to clean spray bottles. In addition, they usually contain very strong chemicals and substances. Failure to clean the container thoroughly may leave a certain amount of these chemicals in the container. Therefore, these will contaminate the new contents that you will fill the bottle.

Cleaning spray bottles may not be as easy as cleaning most other types of containers. Nonetheless, there are some practical ways on how to do it yourself. The function of the spray bottles is too good to let this small problem prevent us from reusing them.

spray bottle

spray bottle

Risk of improper cleaning before reusing spray bottles

A dirty spray bottle can cause many problems. On the one hand, they pose a risk to our health. In addition, they can easily put a bottleful of household goods to waste.

Here are some good reasons why thorough cleaning is important in reusing sprayer bottles:

Compromise of new content of chemical composition

An obvious risk of reusing unclean spray bottles is that they may damage the chemical composition of the new content. Spray bottles are often used for household substances with high concentration. These chemicals will definitely have a negative impact on the properties of other liquids. They can accelerate the expiration of new content or reduce its useful quality.

Rotten substance

The spray bottle is composed of many small parts and has a rather unusual form compared to other types of bottles. This special feature makes spray bottles particularly difficult to clean. Surfaces and crevices that are difficult to reach are those areas where unwanted substances still exist even after cleaning. When these substances are left behind, they will eventually rot and contaminate the entire container.


Unwashed contaminants and residues are indeed harmful to the new contents of the bottle. Furthermore, they can cause problems in the dispensing mechanism of the spray bottle. Unwanted substances may mineralize and cause blockages in the system.

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